The Dutch Deathmetal band TOXOCARA IS BACK!
After a 7 year hiatus is TOXOCARA back with a vengeance and a slight line-up change. The band, with an appetite for brutality, will continue their path of destruction with new members Bas van den Bogaard (ex-Sinister) on bass, Nico Munnik (Ex-Fumes of Decay) on vocals and Clemens Kerssies (ex-Cliteater) on drums are added to the current line up consisting of guitarists Martijn Moes (ex-The Monolith Deathcult, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement) and Vince Zwarts (ex-Seizure).

TOXOCARA’s music is best described as Dutch Deathmetal, fast and technical drums and ear bleeding riffs, brutal but comprehensible vocals with lyrics mostly about (world) war scenarios.

History of TOXOCARA
In their years of existence TOXOCARA played some impressive shows like the London Deathfest and Noordschok (NL) and shared the stage with bands like Krisiun, Master, Obituary, Nuclear Assault, Pungent Stench, Incantation, Napalm Death, just to name a few.

In September 2004 TOXOCARA hit the studio for their promo entitled “Visceral Larval Migrans”. This promo contains all TOXOCARA stands for; extremely fast parts alternate with slower parts, additional sampling and dual vocal attacks.

In August 2005 the debut album “Imminent Repulsion (Suffice to Prevent)” was born. This album contains 10 brutal Death Metal songs, elaborating on where Toxocara started, but more intense, hysterical and varied.

In January 2008 the second full length “The Great Rebellious” appeared. Where “Imminent Repulsion” stopped, “The Great Rebellious” took over. More oiled then ever Toxocara puts its energy in the 8 tracks counting album, full with intense Death Metal. The album was very well received in the world with good reviews.

In 2011 “AtmosFear” was released. This albums contains 10 tracks where TOXOCARA lays down a different style, but stays loyal to it’s roots.

TOXOCARA returns in 2018, with new songs that are even heavier and more varied than the three previous full lengths delivered.

Reviews / Quotes


“AtmosFear’ is een knaller van een album geworden. Toxocara speelt nog steeds knalharde death metal maar weet door de variatie in het tempo en de (sporadische) inzet van samples, koortjes of vrouwenzang de aandacht van begin tot eind vast te houden. Dat is een pluim waard. Bij veel hedendaagse death metal albums verslapt de aandacht na enkele nummers. ‘AtmosFear’ is echter een album waarbij je op het puntje van je stoel met volledige aandacht naar moet luisteren. De vernieuwde band heeft met deze schijf de lat meteen een stuk hoger gelegd en kan zich makkelijke meten met internationaal vermaarde bands!”

– Lords of Metal album review, dutch only

“Expertise in TOXOCARA’s playing and precision of skill are what this 5 piece are all about. Together with a solid recorded sound and punishing / grinding tempo throughout, it’s not hard at all to fall into their semi-hypnotic rhythms”

– Voices From The Darkside

“Fans of old school chaos created by the use of modern day stylized precision should find this non-stop sensual bludgeoning almost essential”.  


–  Metal Temple


TOXOCARA previous bandmembers:

– Anne van Doorn (ex-MURDER MANIFEST)
– Kevin Quilligan (APOPHYS)
– Sanne van Dijk (APOPHYS)
– Petra Guijt (DEADCELL, ex-11th HOUR, DEAD MAN’S WALK)
– Romeo Gerrits (VICTIMIZER)
– William Vlierman (ex ALTAR)
– Niels Feekes (ex-VICTIMIZER)
– Barry Geerlings (ex-DEATHSQUAD)